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The Background

Plastic bags are littering our streets, highways, open spaces, gardens, parks, storm water drains, water bodies, channels, beaches, forests and agricultural fields across rural and urban landscapes. The Environmental Protection Agency shows that somewhere between 800 billion and one trillion plastic bags are consumed every year with the average person using 25000 plastic bags in his or her lifetime. However, less than 1% of plastic bags are recycled as recycling plastic bags cost more than producing new ones!
The situation was grim, and we decided to take action.
Smallsteps Project was initiated and funded by Upasana Design Studio, Auroville. It was launched on Earth Day, 22nd April 2007. From the design end, we created, tested and improved the prototype of environment friendly bags.
The bag comes in four styles and 9 colours, with all bags conveniently folding into a small portable pouch. The Small Steps bag is designed to be convenient, lightweight and easily portable; it’s small enough to clip onto a belt loop or bicycle.

Project: About


Our mission is to form friendly collaborations with people who are willing to share their resources energy and creativity with us to help move this initiative to even greater heights.
Why should you collaborate with us?
Collaborating with us gives you a great opportunity to work for the environment and impact the lives of millions.
1) Every single Smallsteps bag reduces the consumption of plastic bags and protects the environment from the menace of plastic
2) Smallsteps bags are made by women from 14 different villages and it is a source of livelihood for many of them
3) Each bag helps us in sending the message of consciousness towards our planet earth
We look forward to your promising

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Re-usable handmade shopping bag
Stops the usage of up to 500 disposable plastic bags.
Fold it back to the size of your cell-phone when not in use.
Stylish, light, sturdy and compact!

Every bag is made from a blended of 50% cotton with 50% polyester or 100% cotton fabric, making it durable, light, tough and fungus free.

Presently we run 4 styles in 9 different colors.

Project: Welcome
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