The Smallsteps project was launched by Upasana Design studio in Auroville on Earth Day 2007. Although it began as hardly more than a local initiative, the bags and their message spread around the globe ever since. From 2007 to 2014 more than half a million bags have been distributed all across India and the world.

The goal of Smallsteps is not only about selling bags, but to bring awareness about plastic bags and environmental issues. Since its creation, more than 100 ambassadors and buddies from India and the world have been involved in communication, education, distribution and fundraising from Smallsteps. These passionate volunteers made it possible for more than 500,000 people to hear about our project at festivals, through their companies, in their community, in the newspaper or from a friend.

Born in 1997 from a few inspired designers working under a tree, Upasana is a Design Studio in Auroville, India. Along with Smallsteps, the studio runs five more development projects around India.

While Upasana constantly play host to visitors and volunteers, its aim has always remained the same: To create a space where professionals and students from all around the world may come to realize their full creative potential, both in design and in life.

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