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The Facts

Over 5 billion gallons of crude oil are used to make plastic bags each year

Workers are exposed to toxic substances in the plastic production

A plastic bag takes upto 1000 years to biodegrade

An average person uses 200,000 plastic bags in his lifetime

The Problem


Plastic bags are having a huge impact on the planet, polluting lands, oceans, and air. We must realize that these bags are not just affecting our planet, but ourselves.

The Impact

1,00,000 marine animals are killed every year by plastic pollution

Plastic is often burnt when useless, releasing toxic substances to air

Plastic is often shipped to developing countries, polluting lands in mounts of trash

Plastic is nearly impossible to recycle, making it a highly contaminating item

Our Solution

Empowering villages
Each bag is hand-made by a woman in need of support, becoming a channel to the outside world & also a way of economical aid. Every time a bag is bought the opportunities grow for these women and their families


The bag that empowers

We design a simple reusable bag, that empower indian communities and stand for the planet when used. Experience our bag, easy to carry, and delightful to use.

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Building Community
A bag is a seed of change, it’s an identity of consciousness towards a more wholesome planet, and it is connecting more and more people across the globe, join in!

How you can help


Try out Smallsteps reusable bags and feel good about using it!


Co-Brand with us

Make your brand a flag of change, co-brand with us and make your label appear on our products! All companies have already taken the spotlight towards change!

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Help grow our movement with a little contribution. Learn about our organization efforts here.


Become a mindful organization

Tap into optimizing your company's/organization waste footprint with our expertise.

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Stories of change

Watch some of the small steps that sprouted on the big journey towards a plastic free planet!

Siddharth Jain, Volunteer

Every time I have to use a plastic bag now, my being reacts and hesitates; I feel ugly and irresponsible. A reusable bag is not as convenient as a disposable bag, change is difficult, but not changing is fatal.

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